Careful Hands

“Put your coat on, this city trembles.
Keep your chin up, as you untangle God
From cold blood and bruises.

We are X-rays of something broken.
Cursive bloodlines write every forecast:
An orchestration Of dissonance and innocent surrender.

When our color dies,
We will bury the ashes of time,
And we will earn new eyes.

Wrists get tired rewriting futures.
Our bodies beg us to be creatures of habit.
We are creatures of habit.”

To me, this song says it all right now. I can’t figure God out. I never will be able to. Yet, I trust Him and I am attempting to keep my chin up through all of this. I am learning to see God in the mess, hurt and pain. (Untangling God from cold blood and bruises).

I am broken and shattered and I beg and try to reason with God argumentatively only to come to the realization that all I need to do is surrender. Trials and tests are instruments used to shape and form me.
(Cursive bloodlines write every forecast: An orchestration Of dissonance and innocent surrender.)

I know that one day, in time I will realize the reasoning behind the pain and the purpose for the suffering. (When our color dies, We will bury the ashes of time, And we will earn new eyes.)

I can’t foresee the future. I am human and I am susceptible to the frailties of human nature. I crave stability and I crave comfort. I am a creature of habit.
(Wrists get tired rewriting futures. Our bodies beg us to be creatures of habit. We are creatures of habit.”)

Basically the song is amazing and I just get it.



4 thoughts on “Careful Hands

  1. Hi Amber. I used to blog years ago as Ophelia and just came across your blog again. I’m just getting caught up, but I hope you’re ok, I’m thinking of you.

    1. WOW! I remember you! Are you blogging again?! I missed you when you disappeared into the abyss. SO happy you contacted me! Thanks for your sweet words! I really hope you’re doing wonderfully!!! ❤

      1. I have just recently started writing again. (I think I attached the link.) My life is completely different now. I’m married and just had a baby boy. Things couldn’t be better! Glad to see that you’ve found the love of your life. 🙂

      2. Thanks for attaching- I’m following you! That is AMAZING! Oh, I’m so happy for you! Can’t wait to read more from you and follow your journey of motherhood. SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!! ❤

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