Heart spill.

For a brief instance out of the corner of my mind’s eye I could’ve sworn I saw something so vivid yet so unclear; my future.

It’s as if I ran a script through my mind or watched it move across a screen before my eyes only to be so rudely interrupted by the many distractions that life so unexpectedly brings.

I’m almost grateful that my expectations are not secure just in the confines of my own heart and mind and that I am able to freely discover much greater things that may seem unattainable to my limited hopes and dreams.

But when we dream daringly, seeing no limits and understanding that our minds are of slight dimension compared to His elaborate mind is when we begin to understand to a somewhat moderate degree how much more there actually is. The fact that we aren’t able to grasp the fullness can seem overwhelming yet can be so invigorating and even, comforting.

I seem to be understanding that the limits I put on my dreams and heart’s desires are directly related to the insecurities and fears that I face deep within myself. I’ve been jaded by disappointment but have learned that where faith is lacking, doubt is very present.

To the best of my ability I intend to embrace my current state with joy and gratitude. My aim is to grow. To learn. To dream.

And I feel like I’m finally dreaming again…


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